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Heeey hey hey!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 5:35 PM

What's up. Been a while since i wrote a journal.

I haven't been as active producing chill shit for my gallery for a long time. I've been quite busy learning how not to suck and new art techniques.
I just learned how to make oil patterns and wood carving/printing. Most of that shit ain't really good for uploading, which is why i haven't done so, but yeah i mean like woah college is being quite hard on my wallet, every month, from the 1st to the 5th i have to pay a monthly fee to keep up with my tuition payments, and that my dear friends is why i hate starting a new month.

I also ran out of recreational plants that are smokable. It's so hard to get that shit here. YOU WOULDN'T THINK SO CONSIDERING THIS SHIT IS COMING FROM THE GUY THAT LIVES IN THE COUNTRY THAT MASS PRODUCES THIS SHIT. But anyway, my little pots are showing lots of little plants sprouting from the ground. They¿'re just common flowers, but hey, i can at least dream i'm growing my own stuff.

I don't have any projects right now. Wanted to get involver in something but i finally accepted i don't have time for that unless it was voice acting or something like that.
Speaking of which, i had the biggest "wat" face when i noticed that voice acting piece i did, in one day, became my most favorited, popular, seen and downloaded deviation. It's awesome how mocking people earns you praise, i guess that's why we all  eventually wear the troll masks at least once.

I've been watching parodies of cartoons made by black people. I don't see how to approach this topic without risking saying something racist, so i'll just say i don't give a fuck if you get mad. Anyway i just love the way these people talk. I'm talking about ebonics and stuff like that. How they introduce words that a lot of white people shudder when they hear them in a way that makes it look ok. Like the fantastic word "nigga". Man i LOVE that word. No, i do not mean "nigger", i mean "nigga". There's a difference, ma nigga, and i ain't telling you what it is you ignorant twatcake, i'm not your fucking teacher. Now i ain't really white as marble (i'm mexican after all), but i also know i'm not dark enough to be allowed to use language like that with just about anybody. Still, when i'm alone or skyping with someone i love to let out some of the expressions i love the most.

Anyway lately my favorite set of parodies is one called "Fat Albert and The Hood" made and voiced by pikahsso & @Negro3P0 of @AwkQuarius. Sometimes Tahiti shows up too. They're a good 12 episodes if not more because i've been to lazy to seek them all. Anyway here's a playlist if your humor is the same as mine (i highly doubt it).

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