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Submitted on
November 4, 2011


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 4, 2011, 11:37 AM

I'm putting this in my journal too because yes!

Buy my shit for less than a fucking dollar worth in points limited time only first come first serve only 10 slots kthx. :dummy:

I'll draw you something in iscribble for 10 :points:
Some iScribble bullshit 03 by Patt-Ytto Some iScribble bullshit 05 by Patt-Ytto Some iScribble bullshit 07 by Patt-Ytto

Vector stuff for 30 :points: too omg omg omg buy.
Himiko Nova by Patt-Ytto Water Lily by Patt-Ytto Second Influence by Patt-Ytto

I'll get stoned and make you something trippy for 30 :points:
With Amour And Less Than Three by Patt-Ytto Yo Soy - I am - Io Sono by Patt-Ytto What by Patt-Ytto

Something awesome liek this for like 60 :points:
The Roll Stroll by Patt-Ytto

who knows if i'll do this again, it's stupid to charge so little so you should ttly buy now before i change my mind rite?

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