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December 23, 2009
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A merry christmas to y'all.
Made as my part of the Megaman Legends Station secret santa art event.

I didn't have much time to do it since i had a lot of things to do, buy presents, spend time with my girlfriend, do other kind of stuff, etc. So i'm a bit nervous that it might not be liked, i could not give it my all.

I planned to do a better animation, with moving legs, mouths, reaverbots and scenes, but the short time i had really beat me in the end, i mean, just voice acting gave me a sore throat (and i wasted a helium balloon i was saving) and i really didn't even pay attention to the script.

Anyway, it's 3 am, tonight's xmas eve. I hope you have a decent christmas.

I won't blame you if you don't understand what they're saying, so i put subtitles here:
Snow Horokko.- GOD DAMMIT
Horokko.- Yo what's up, b? What got you so down my brother?
Ice Horokko - Why don't you smile to the life for once? It is christmas period today.
Snow Horokko.- What the heck you talkin' 'bout? Everyday it's the same around here anyway. It doesn't matter if it is christmas or if it is not, the snow is the same, it tastes the same, it's the same white and grey, it's BORING!
Horokko.- Aw come on, you talkin' craxy bro, you know christmas is not about showing a new visage of the world we live in, that's the job of subliminal crackaganda seen on tv, in reality, christmas is all about the MISTLETOOOOE.
Snow Horokko.- You motherf-!!!
Ice Horokko.- Oh my god oh my god i wasn't down there i wasn't down there!
Snow Horokko.- I'm not kissing this wench! Such an ancient piece of rusty metal! *random rant*
Ice Horokko.- What!? You're calling ME an ancient? You are the one who's 700 years old, i'm 400 years old and you're calling ME an ancient? *random rant*
Horokko.- Merry christmas legends station.

If you're from the legends station, i'm sorry for submitting it before mlt/milkshake/eggnog gave an official green light, but if i didn't submit it now i wouldn't be able to submit it until january, and i wanted it here before christmas.

AaaaAaAaaAaand that's it.
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First i was like :/, then :), then :D
To be honest my voice acting is fail.
Naw it was good! i think you did a great job on it, plus you used my favorite reaverbot!
Which one is it? Personally i love the normal horokkos (the one with the deep voice).
The original one from when you start in megaman legends one. that ones my all time fav reaverbot.
Then i didn't use him in this flash.

MML1's are called Zakobon's, and have one huge red eye with a slasher smile on them in all versions (normal ice and fire), while horokkos in MML2 have two black eyes and their expression changes depending on what type they are, for example in my flash, the snow horokko (first one to speak) has a sad expression, the ice horokko (blue one) is serious and has blush, the normal horokko (the one with the deep voice) is the one that's almost similar to MML1's Zakobon except that this one has two black eyes, and finally the not-appearing-on-this-flash Fire horokko, which has an even crazier slasher smile and it's red.
Oh, i thought they were the same, well i liked the snow Zakoben then.
wash-away Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
it was funny but i'd say do something other then them moving so we know their talking, like the line for their mouths turns red or anything.
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